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Nr. 7 2009


G. O. Sars 22.11 – 03.12.2008: Comparing the impact of two bottom trawls.

The main objective of the cruise was to compare physical and biological bottom impact and relative catch rates from a bottom trawl rigging developed during the DEGREE project (the “plate gear trawl”) with a standard bottom trawl used for cod fisheries in the Barents Sea (the “rockhopper trawl”).
• The “plate gear trawl” or “new trawl” was rigged with a modified plate gear consisting of seven specially designed bobbins and plates between them, and with trawl doors rigged to barely touch the bottom
• The “rockhopper trawl” or “old trawl” consisted of a conventional rockhopper gear with doors rigged to go steady on the bottom.

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