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Sea-testing of the Campelen 1800 trawl – Toktrapport nr. 7-2021


During the 2020 method cruise (cruise number 2020115), it was shown that North Sea rigging of the Campelen 1800 trawl, as specified in the trawl manual for North Sea NOR shrimp NSDK cruise in Jan. – Nov., may need more wire out than the standard rigging to maintain seabed contact and proper roll of the doors (0-20° inward roll). 

Only a limited number of experiments were carried out during the method cruise, with a single trawl so it was proposed that during sea-testing for cruise 2021601 a series of experiments would be carried out to test the effect of trawling with additional wire out. Additionally, insufficient tows were carried out during the method cruise to establish the target range for opening height and door spread when using North Sea rigging so additional data will be collected during sea-testing on cruise 2021601.