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Olex current measurements compared with drifters Olex in Trondheimsfjorden (Rapport fra Havforskningen nr. 7-2012)


The success of oil protection and clean up in connection with a possible oil spill rely on good knowledge and evaluation of the surface currents in the oil spill surroundings. The spreading of the oil spill is determined by the surface currents, and oil spill containment booms are influenced by the current in the upper meter of the water column. Especially near the complicated Norwegian coast it is difficult to have detailed pre hand knowledge about the current systems. Direct measurements of surface currents by fishing vessels would therefore be a valuable resource both for evaluation of the vulnerability of the coastal areas, and during a possible oil spill event. Olex offers such a system; Olex SB. However this system has not been validated against established methods for estimation of surface currents.