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Magnus Reeve

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Telefon: 94244904
Avdeling: Plankton

Curriculum Vitae

Taksonomi av dyreplankton, fiskeegg og fiskelarver.


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Increased fitness of a key appendicularian zooplankton species under warmer, acidified seawater conditions.

Bouquet JM, Troedsson C, Novac A, Reeve M, Lechtenbörger AK, Massart W, Skaar KS, Aasjord A, Dupont S and Thompson EM.

Response of the pelagic tunicate appendicularian, Oikopleura dioica to controlled simulations of a strong bloom condition: A bottom-up perspective.

Lobon CM, Bouquet JM, Reeve M, Novac A, Acuña JL, Thompson EM and Troedsson C.
Limnology and oceanography 58(1) p. 215-226

A Human monoclonal autoantibody to the Thyrotropin Receptor with thyroid-stimulating blocking activity.

Sanders J, Evans M, Betterle C, Sanders P, Bhardwaja A, Young S, Roberts E, Wilmot J, Richards T, Kiddie A, Small K, Platt H, Summerhayes S, Harris R, Reeve M, Coco G, Zanchetta R, Chen S, Furmaniak J and Smith BR.
Thyroid 18(7) p. 735-746

Crystal structure of the TSH Receptor in complex with a thyroid-stimulating autoantibody.

Sanders J, Chirgadze DY, Sanders P, Baker S, Sullivan A, Bhardwaja A, Bolton J, Reeve M, Nakatake N, Evans M, Richards T, Powell M, Miguel RN, Blundell TL, Furmaniak J and Smith BR.
Thyroid 17(5) p. 395-410

Annet tidsskriftbidrag


Massive Changes of Genome Size Driven by Expansions of Non-autonomous Transposable Elements

Naville M, Henriet S, Warren I, Sumic S, Reeve M, Volff JN, Chourrout D
Current Biology 29 p. 1-8

Rapporter og avhandlinger


New time-series of zooplankton biomass in the Barents Sea 1989–2016

Skjoldal HR, Dalpadado P, Aarflot JM, Bagøien E, Dolgov A, Prokopchuk I, Reeve M
ICES/WGIBAR 2018 Report Interim Report of the Working Group on the Integrated Assessments of the Barents Sea p. 32-54
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