Tom Clegg

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Avdeling: Fiskeridynamikk

I am a PhD candidate in quantitative fisheries biology, estimating unreported bycatch and discards in Norwegian fisheries. The project is a partnership between IMR and the Fisheries Directorate, under the supervision of Dr Kjell Nedreaas (IMR) and Dr Geir Blom (FDir).

The modern movement towards ecosystem-based fisheries management requires increased knowledge on all extractions from a fishery, further than just the target species. However, there are still many sources of unreported catches such as misreporting, insufficient detail in reported catches, and discarding. If such unreported catches can be quantified, we can improve the accuracy of stock assessments and our understanding of ecosystem interactions in the fisheries.

My project aims to develop a fishery-adapted methodology for quantifying unreported catches of commercial and non-commercial species in Norwegian fisheries. The estimates will help determine contributions to the total fishing mortality and also be used to assess the possible effects that bycatch and discards may have on the ecosystem.

Curriculum Vitae

I received an M.Sc. in Marine Environmental Protection from Bangor University in 2014, where I studied the effect of increased suspended sediment concentrations on the reef-forming horse mussel, Modiolus modiolus in relation to scallop dredging, and specialised in courses on fisheries science.

After graduating, I volunteered with various marine conservation charities in the UK, working on topics such as science communication, invasive species and marine plastics. In 2015 I joined one of the UK’s regional inshore marine regulators where I was responsible for the designation and management of a fisheries no-take zone to protect inshore nursery areas for local commercial fish species. The project ran in close partnership with the local fishermen’s organisation to draft legislation and create a long-term management plan.


Faglige foredrag


Assessing representativeness and bias in Norwegian commercial catch sampling programs conducted in collaboration with the industry.

Edvin Fuglebakk, Håkon Magne Otterå, Tom Clegg, Gjert E. Dingsør, Jon Helge Vølstad

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