Johanna Myrseth Aarflot

Telefon: 41104205

My research interests lie in the ecology and dynamics of marine ecosystems, particularly how individual encounters between predators and prey translate into larger ecological patterns. Experience from both empirical data analyses and theoretical modelling.


(photo: Øyvind Ganesh Eknes) 




I am currently working on a 3-years PhD project (2016-2019) studying the distribution of mesozooplankton (Calanus ​spp.) in the Barents Sea, in relation to food availability for planktivore fish. Visual prey detection is the common foraging mode in planktivore fish, and ambient light can have a large effect on foraging efficiency for the fish. I work with data on vertical zooplankton distributions (MOCNESS sampling gear), and combine empirical data analyses with theoretical modelling to examine whether the depth distribution of zooplankton is limiting the prey availability for the fish. 

The PhD project is part of the larger TIBIA project at the IMR, and I am also affiliated with the Theoretical Ecology Group at the University of Bergen ( ).

Curriculum Vitae


2016 - present   PhD candidate, Institute of Marine Research

2013 - 2016       Consultant, Norwegian Trekking Association (Den Norske Turistforening, DNT)

2009 - 2012        HR advisor, Norsk Gjenvinning-konsernet



2008 - 2009       Master in European Business (junior MBA), ESCP Europe

2006 - 2007       MSc in Fisheries Biology and Management, University of Bergen

2002 - 2005       Bachelor in General Biology, University of Bergen



​Aarflot J. M., Skjoldal H. R., Dalpadado P., Skern-Mauritzen M. 2017. Contribution of Calanus species to the mesozooplankton biomass in the Barents Sea. ICES Journal of Marine Science. doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsx221​.

Myrseth J., Enberg K., Heino M. and Fiksen Ø. 2011. Do accurate stock estimates increase harvest and reduce variability in fisheries yield? Natural Resource Modelling 24: 222-241.  



Jun.-Sept. 2018. Forsker Grand Prix Bergen 2018​. Competition in research dissemination to the general public.

Nov. 2017 Introduction to Regression Models with Spatial and Temporal Correlation​. 5 days, Highland Statistics.

Dec. 2016 Creating Scientific Illustrations . Translating research into illustrations by the use of Inkscape/Illustrator, 3 days course by ResClim UoB/Pina Kingman.

Oct. 2016 Introduction to mixed modelling and GLMM. 5 days, Highland Statistics.

Aug. 2016 Microbial Oceanography - Compexity and simplicity in microbial ecology. 5 days postgraduate course, Hjort Centre for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics.

Apr. 2016 Data exploration, regression, GLM & GAM. 5 days, Highland Statistics.

Mar. 2016 Basic R and graphs (lattice, ggplot2, ggmap). 5 days, Highland Statistics.


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Do accurate stock estimates increase harvest and reduce variability in fisheries yields?

Johanna Myrseth, Katja Enberg, Mikko Heino, Øyvind Fiksen
Natural Resource Modeling 24 p. 222-241



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