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Kate McQueen

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Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Short-term tagging mortality of Baltic cod (Gadus morhua)

Haase S, McQueen K, Mion M, Andersson M, Hilvarsson A, Olesen HJ, Svenson A, Casini M, Hüssy K, Radtke K, Krumme U
Fisheries Res 234 (Nei)

Regional and stock-specific differences in contemporary growth of Baltic cod revealed through tag-recapture data

McQueen K, Casini M, Dolk B, Haase S, Hemmer-Hansen J, Hilvarsson A, Hüssy K, Mion M, Mohr T, Radtke K, Schade FM, Schulz N, Krumme U
ICES J Mar Sci 77 (Nei) p. 2078-2088

Multidecadal changes in fish growth rates estimated from tagging data: A case study from the Eastern Baltic cod (Gadus morhua, Gadidae)

Mion M, Haase S, Hemmer-Hansen J, Hilvarsson A, Hüssy K, Krüger-Johnsen M, Krumme U, McQueen K, Plikshs M, Radtke K, Schade FM, Vitale F, Casini M
Fish Fisheries (Nei)

It's elemental, my dear Watson: validating seasonal patterns in otolith chemical chronologies

Hüssy K, Krüger-Johnsen M, Thomsen TB, Heredia BD, Naeraa T, Limburg KE, Heimbrand Y, McQueen K, Haase S, Krumme U, Casini M, Mion M, Radtke K
Can J Fish Aquat Sci (Nei)

Historical growth of Eastern Baltic cod (Gadus morhua): Setting a baseline with international tagging data

Mion M, Hilvarsson A, Hüssy K, Krumme U, Krüger-Johnsen M, McQueen K, Mohamed E, Motyka R, Orio A, Plikshs M, Radtke K, Casini M
Fisheries Res (Nei)

Age validation of age 0-3 wild cod Gadus morhua in the western Baltic Sea through mark-recapture and tetracycline marking of otoliths

Krumme U, Stötera S, McQueen K, Pahlke E
Mar Ecol Progr Ser 645 (Nei) p. 141-158

Growth of cod (Gadus morhua) in the western Baltic Sea: estimating improved growth parameters from tag–recapture data

McQueen K, Eveson JP, Dolk B, Lorenz T, Mohr T, Schade FM, Krumme U
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 76 (Nei) p. 1326-1337

Effects of freezing on length and mass measurements of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua in the Baltic Sea

McQueen K, Mion M, Hilvarsson A, Casini M, Olesen HJ, Hüssy K, Radtke K, Krumme U
J Fish Biol 95 (Nei) p. 1486-1495

Age validation of juvenile cod in the western Baltic Sea

McQueen K, Hrabowski J, Krumme U
ICES J Mar Sci 76 (Nei) p. 430-441

Shifts in spawning phenology of cod linked to rising sea temperatures

McQueen K, Marshall CT
ICES Journal of Marine Science 74 (Nei) p. 1561-1573
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