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North Sea Ecosystem Cruise Toktrapport nr. 20 2021


The objectives of the North Sea Ecosystem Cruise 2021 were:

  1. To sample pre-selected stations along standard transects for physical, chemical and biological parameters in the Northern North Sea and Skagerrak (IMR 14920, IMR 14917)
  2. To map the abundance, distribution and species composition of phytoplankton, microzooplankton, mesozooplankton, and early life stages of fish (eggs and larvae). (IMR 14920, IMR 14917)
  3. To undertake two process studies (northwestern North Sea and Skagerrak) to investigate the spatial, vertical and diel distribution of fish eggs and larvae and their potential predators and prey. (IMR 14920, IMR 14917)
  4. To monitor radioactive contamination in Skagerrak (IMR 15595)
  5. To acquire data on clupeida larvae in the water west of Denmark (DRS).
  6. To acquire dry biomass samples for metabarcoding analysis (IMR 15593)