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Yiou Mike Zhu

Mike Zhu
Telefon: 55238500
Avdeling: Sjømat og ernæring


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Progress and direction in the use of stable isotopes to understand complex coral reef ecosystems: a review

C Skinner, MRD Cobain, Y Zhu, ASJ Wyatt, NVC Polunin

Offshore pelagic subsidies dominate carbon inputs to coral reef predators

C Skinner, AC Mills, MD Fox, SP Newman, Y Zhu, A Kuhl, NVC Polunin

Intra-specific and assemblage trophic interactions at Longqi hydrothermal vent field and comparisons to the East Scotia Ridge and Central Indian Ridge hydrothermal vent fields

WDK Reid, BD Wigham, L Marsh, JNJ Weston, Y Zhu, JT Copley

Far-field carbon sources dominate pelagic subsidies to coral-reef predators

C Skinner, AC Mill, SP Newman, Y Zhu, A Kuhl, NVC Polunin

Fish stable-isotope community structure of a Bahamian coral reef

Y Zhu, WDK Reid, SP Newman, NVC Polunin
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